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About RyoGas

IoT Based Smart & Cashless Fuel Management Solution

RyoGas aims for fuel supply chain automation by introducing IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for fuel (LPG / CNG / Petrol) stations in Bangladesh. It also aims for cashless fuel purchases for vehicle users and corporations. In that process it hopes to bring transparency, efficiency and accountability to the fuel sector of Bangladesh.

For whom

For smart fuel station owners who like to manage their one or more gas stations from mobile apps remotely and efficiently.

Vehicle owners (Individuals / Corporates) who like to purchase fuel via online payments and pick fuel from any nearby stations.

For What

Smart fuel station owners can monitor daily sales, purchase, stock, cash/ bank statements, sales profit/ loss from anywhere.Provide sales receipts to customers. Get different types of monthly reports.

Vehicle owners do not need to handle cash for fuel purchases.


Remote and efficient gas station management.

Reduced operational costs.

Increased sales and profits.

Transparency and accountability for fuel purchases.

Complementary services

RyoGas Map can be used to locate and find directions to fuel stations.

Why Choose RyoGas

RyoGas is a smart IoT based Fuel Management Solution for the first time in Bangladesh. Using RyoGas apps while fuel station owners can manage stations efficiently and profitably, vehicle owners can also save money on their fuel budget. We have a team of versatile highly experienced engineers, software and mobile app developers who work dedicatedly for the clients.

Attractive Price Model

Software as a service (SAAS) model. No upfront or development cost. Pay as you go on a yearly / monthly basis

Ease of Use

Our intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to use and operate the apps.

Excellent Customer Service

Any technical support, we are just minutes away from customers' phone calls.

Our Care

We listen very carefully what our customers really want, and then develop custom solutions for them. We care about solutions that give high efficiency and ease of management of gas stations.


We have different web and mobile apps to manage gas stations. Station owners can subscribe one or more apps of their convenient. The applications can be run from both PC and mobile devices.

Station Management

The management app tracks sales, purchase, stock, petty cash, sales receipts and accounting for stations. Play Store


RyoGas Map

The app helps users to locate and get directions to specific Fuel/Gas stations. Anyone can use it for free. Play Store


Vehicle owners (individuals / corporates) can purchase fuel online and their drivers can pick from nearby stations. Play Store



  • Station creation
  • Multi fuel setup
  • Sales rate change
  • Document uploads (trade license, explosive license, etc.)
  • Document renewal notification
  • POS sales
  • RyoGas map


3000 BDT
  • Mobile app (sales, purchase, sales return, wastage, stock)
  • Basic accounting ( receivable, payment, expense, petty cash)
  • Daily reports
  • Monthly reports
  • 2 step work flow management
  • Profit / Loss
  • EasyFuel (for sales increase)


4000 BDT
  • Custom reports
  • Double entry accounting (chart of accounts, fund transfer, journal, ledger)
  • Detailed reports
  • Credit customers


5000 BDT
  • Fleet management
  • Manage commission based stations
  • Land commission
  • SMS alert
  • Any customization as the client requires

* An extra 1000 BDT will be added to each package for multi-fuel stations.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to make the LPG, CNG, Or any Other Fuel stations into Next Generation Smart Stations.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give best services to our customers with High Quality Smart Apps that include versatile facilities.

Our Plan

Our Current plan is to make the job easy for the Gas Station owners to track their businesses smartly using Mobile Apps.

Our Care

We listen very carefully what our customers really want, and then develop custom solutions for them. We care about solutions that give high efficiency and ease of management of gas stations.


RyoGas is a perfect and smart solution for Fuel (LPG, CNG, Petrol) stations. The goal is to automate Fuel Station Management in Bangladesh.


Contact with our team to get latest news, services or if you have any questions.

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2/2 (A-9), Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216

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